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Established in 2004 by Malcolm Harris, Harscan Distributors (Pty) Limited has been importing and distributing Wavin products since then.


The Company initially focused exclusively on the Hep2o range of push-fit pipe and fittings (15,22 and 28mm) and the HepVo “waterless”​ trap. Due to Wavin Hep2o being one of the largest plastic pipe manufacturers in the world, Harscan Distributors was and is able to provide a cutting edge plumbing solution to the construction industry, based on a vast amount of past and ongoing product research and development.

Likewise the HepVo valve presents patented and innovative solutions to several design challenges. Being a one-way valve it does not rely on a water seal which can be disturbed or broken, under several various situations or conditions, and which can even be contaminated due to insufficient flushing. It is excellent at correcting a system vacuum caused by syphonage as it will draw air, until the vacuum balances, and then seal off preventing a back flow of gas/odour.

These attributes make the HepVo valve especially applicable to the HVAC/air conditioning industry as they can be used as condensate catchment units. Combined with a Tundish Adapter and Hep2o 22mm pipe and fittings, an aesthetically pleasing and effective condensate extraction network can be presented to clients and customers.

In order to widen the existing product range to its customers, Harscan Distributors subsequently added the exquisite Viega range, imported from Germany, to its basket. Marketing strategies especially focus on concealed cisterns and actuator/cover plates, shower traps, the international award winning Vario shower channel as well as other applications such as full bores/balcony drains, bottle traps and waste adapters for connecting washing machine/dishwasher outlets to waste pipes safely and securely.

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